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Where To Find Face Masks For Kids


It’s a hard topic to write about, to think about, and it’s definitely hard to experience – but the day is coming when the Stay At Home order will be lifted and we will be out and about again. While it’s nice to think that we can return to normal immediately, the reality is that we will likely experience a new normal for a period of time, or at least until a vaccine is created.


Since a treatment/cure is months away, some of us may chose to take extra precaution in the interim by wearing face masks. Covering a child’s face is scary (seeing the realities of the world impact your littles) and challenging (no one wants their face covered – especially a kid), but having something cute and comfortable to wear may help.


Here are a few places currently selling washable cotton kid face masks:



You can also order materials to make your own mask and one for kids from Better Life Bags.


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