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The Best Places To Take A Dinosaur Lover In Metro Detroit

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Dinosaurs are timeless favorites. If your kids can’t get enough of the prehistoric creatures, here are the best places to find dinosaurs throughout Metro Detroit during the year and at special events this summer!


Dinosauria (Royal Oak)

You’ll find more than animals at the Detroit Zoo this summer. The dinosaurs are back and the immersive walk-through experience is bigger than ever. Take a stroll back in time to the perhistoric era where you’ll find 29 life-like animatronic dinosaurs peeking out from every turn. 3 acres of the Detroit Zoo will be dedicated to the temporary exhibit that will be open to the public from May 28th to September 5th.


Dino & Dragon Stroll (Orion Township)

Canterbury Village will be transformed into mystical Mesozoic Era once again with prehistoric dinosaurs and dragons throughout! Guest will stroll through an outdoor adventure and get up close and personal with over 1000 life-like creatures, including T-Rex, Velociraptors and dragons!


Fun ZoneZ (Redford)

Calling all dinosaur fans, here is the next place for your playdate. From the moment you walk into Fun ZoneZ you’re greeted by animatronic dinosaurs that will thrill your littles. They’ll have more fun from there as they spot the large dinosaur themed play structure and later race through the multi-level Jurassic World laser tag battle field.


Dinoland (Dearborn Heights)

Find indoor fun for all ages at Dinoland. The indoor playground is dinosaur themed and lots of fun. The ball pit is regularly sanitized and LOTS of fun – you can even do dino target practice on the upper level.


Dooley Park (Livonia)

It doesn’t take much to make kids happy and Dooley Park is dinosaur themed with two dino figures for kids to ride on. Location: 14198 Harrison St, Livonia, MI 48154


Woolley Park (Ann Arbor)

Find dino figures for kids to ride on and a fun house shaped playground in Ann Arbor. Location: 1220 W Textile Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48108


Cranbrook Institute of Science (Bloomfield Hills)

Before you even make it inside the building your littles will be excited to meet Steggy (a life-size stegosaurus at the museum entrance). The popular dinosaur has been bringing smiles to faces for years. Inside the museum you don’t have to go far before you find a giant T-Rex.


University of Michigan Museum of Natural History (Ann Arbor)

The Natural History Museum was recently renovated and it s a fantastic FREE place to see life-sized dinosaur bones; however, it is currently closed to the public. Keep it on your radar and make sure it’s on your to-visit list.


Stage Nature Center (Troy)

Stage Nature Center is a popular exploration site and the interpretive building has a Mastodon Dig site, filled with rubber mulch, Mastodon replica bones, shovels, boulders and brushes. It is currently closed to the public but a place you’ll want to keep on your radar.



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