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Maple Sugar Events In Metro Detroit

We all love Maple Syrup for our pancakes, but have you ever wondered how and where we get our favorite breakfast condiment?! With sap flowing between mid-February and mid-March, the perfect ‘tapping’ times are upon us!  Help tap the trees this winter and enjoy some pancakes afterward at these local events. 


Maples Madness: Campfire Sugar @ Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve – Rochester Hills

Friday, February 22 

Maple Madness – Learn about tapping a maple tree and then taste samples of treat you can make a home using maple syrup both sweet and savory, yum! The nature center will be open for warmth but cooking will take place around the campfire.


Maple’s Sweet Story @ Kensington Metropark – Milford

February 23 – March 31 (select dates)

Take a guided walk through the farm’s sugar bush. Learn how to pick the right tree, then watch how maple trees are tapped and sap is collected. Stop by the French and Native camp to hear and see how these techniques have changed through the years. Then visit the sugar shack to see and smell the sap being boiled down into maple sugar. Taste a sample of maple syrup at the end of the tour. Real maple sugar products and pancakes will be available for purchase.. Tours begin every ½ hour, last approximately one hour and are entirely outdoors


Maple Madness! Tap That Tree @ Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve – Rochester Hills

Sunday, February 24

Maple sugaring season is one of our favorite times of year at Dinosaur Hill. This program will focus on the history of maple sugaring and will also include a tapping demonstration. Take a tour of our historic “little house” and find out how early settlers and Native Americans used maple syrup and sugar. We’ll have some authentic treats to taste as well.


Maple Sugar Tours @ Stony Creek Metropark – Shelby Township 

Multiple dates in March

March is sugaring month! Learn the history of sugaring and how to identify maple trees. We will hike into the spring woods to tap a maple. Afterwards, return to the campfire and learn the process of boiling the sap into rich maple syrup and enjoy a treat!


Family Discovery Days – Maple Craft @ Indian Springs Metropark – White Lake

Saturday, March 2

March is Maple Sugaring month! This program gives interested families a chance to learn even more about maple trees and how their sap is turned into food products for people.  Investigate what causes the sap to run in the trees during an interactive presentation, and the tools people use to collect the sap.  You’ll learn what a spile is and make one of your own!  We’ll also make decorative colorful maple leaves to take home.


Maple Sugaring Through the Ages @ Oakwoods Metropark – Flat Rock

Multiple dates in March

Come see the methods used to collect maple sap and learn how the maple tree helped sustain early Americans. Hear the Native American legend of how our First Nations discovered maple sugaring, how early Europeans collected sap to make syrup, and see a more modern method for developing the sweet stuff. We will tap a tree to finish off this fun, family program.


Journey to the Sugarbash @ Hudson Mills Metropark – Dexter

Multiple dates in March

Take a journey to the sugarbush and experience how maple syrup has been made over the years. Tap a tree, and then see the sap being boiled into syrup. There is no better way to finish out the cold days of winter and get ready for spring. After the program, stay and enjoy an all-you-can-eat pancake and sausage breakfast for an additional charge


Maple Tapping and Pancake Feast @ MSU Tollgate Farm Children’s Center – Novi

March 9 & 10

You’ll start out with a meal of pancakes covered in Tollgate syrup accompanied by sausage and coffee and hot chocolate! Then you’ll jump on the hay wagon out to the sugar bush to participate in a tree tapping, visit the colonial sugar camp, watch sap get turned to syrup in the sugar shack and check out Max the draft horse getting to work!


Maple Sugaring @ Cass Benton Park – Northville

Multiple dates in March

Bundle up and join our Naturalists at Cass Benton Park in Northville to learn the history of maple sugaring and take a short hike into the woods for a tree-tapping demonstration.


Maple Sugaring Brunch @ Orchard Lake Schools

Sunday, March 10

​Celebrate the start of spring with a maple syrup pancake brunch! The event will be hosted by the Polish Mission of Orchard Lake Schools and West Bloomfield Parks. Guests will see a historical sap to syrup demonstration, learn about the other benefits of maple trees and enjoy warm pancakes topped with local maple syrup.


Maple Syrup Festival @ Burgess-Shadbush Nature Center – Shelby Township

Saturday, March 16

Discover the way we create one of the most popular pancake toppings on our scheduled program tours. We start with how the tree first gets the sugar then teach you how to identify maples for their sap. We’ll move fireside to warm up and learn the boil-down process of syrup-making. You can even try some of the nature center’s freshly made syrup and taste some maple candy. Our guests will get the chance to use traditional equipment for the collection process and learn the fine details of a maple trees


Maple Syrup Festival @ Wolcott Mill Metropark – Ray

March 23 & 24

Learn the process of turning maple sap into syrup as you visit different stations throughout the park. Make a craft, taste test syrup and warm up by the bonfire. The blacksmith shop will be open and working. Enjoy French toast, sausage and real maple syrup throughout the day for an additional charge. Maple items and kits will be available.

Making Maple Syrup Tour @ Maybury Farm – Northville

March 30 &  March 31

Come on out to Maybury Farm and spend the day learning how maple syrup is made! Your tour begins with a wagon ride out to the Sugar Bush where you will learn about the maple tree, how to tap it, and then collect the sap. You can even taste the sap straight from the tree! Once your tour is finished, you are invited to warm up in the Maybury Farm General Store where hot drinks and snacks are available to enjoy next to the toasty wood stove. Don’t miss out!


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