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LittleGuide Families – Amanda (South Lyon)

amanda holdsworth

Meet Amanda

Kids: Avery (6) and Shelby (3)

Hometown: South Lyon


I am a full-time communications director in education and also an adjunct public relations and sports marketing faculty member. My husband and I moved to South Lyon when we got married because it reminded us of our hometowns (mine in Canada and his in the U.P.). It’s a great town with some great breweries and bars within a few blocks of each other. When we have time for a datenight, my husband and I start off at Third Monk Brewing Company and then head to Witch’s Hat Brewing Company.



Our kids love the Mickey Mouse pancakes, and my husband and I will eat just about everything on the menu.



Whether you order a healthy Apple Orchard Salad or go all in for the Boss Hog Combo, you will be so happy you stopped in (but whatever you do, make sure someone in your party gets the mac n’ cheese and some cornbread!). When the owner is there, he’ll often bring the girls a freshly-made brownie for dessert, which is a really cool bonus.



We spend almost every weekend at Kensington Metropark between March and October. Only five minutes away from our house is a farm center, several beaches, a waterpark, numerous playgrounds, “rubber ducky” paddle boats, a nature center, hiking trails, fishing spots, kayaking, and for those into winter sports, sledding and snowshoeing. You can even tap maple syrup in March! Our girls aren’t big enough to navigate the bike paths just yet, but we look forward to the day when we can cruise around as a family.



A quaint, one-screen movie theater, Saturday matinees are only $5.50, and the cost of snacks is much less than the larger theaters.



A southeastern Michigan must-do. The cider is great, the donuts are outstanding and there are so many activities for the kids that you could easily spend hours there.



The Pumpkinfest—held at the end of September—is not to be missed! From a parade to fun activities for the kids during the day to a beer tent and live bands for adults at night, it’s great having a festival like this within walking distance.



Each August, my mom and I take the girls to Milford Memories to check out the incredible vendors and kids’ art activities. This is my go-to for finding unique art pieces or jewelry…or a new favorite gourmet food item!

“We have a question jar on our table, and every night at dinner, one person gets to pull a question out for everyone to answer. There are more than 100 questions, ranging from, “What are the three things you want to do this summer?” to, “What makes you feel thankful?” to, “If you made a cave in the woods, what would be inside of it?” This breaks up the monotony of, “How was your day?” and the standard answers of, “Fine” or, “Good.” This activity almost always leads into the kids opening up more about their days and keeps the focus on family during dinnertime.”



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