Know Before You Go: Cranbrook Institute of ScienceLittles love to ask questions (sometimes too many questions), but in science, that's what it's all about! So bring them to Cranbrook Institute of Science for a day of exploring... Know Before You Go: Cranbrook Institute of Science skip to Main Content

Know Before You Go: Cranbrook Institute of Science

Cranbrook dinosaur

Littles love to ask questions (sometimes too many questions), but in science, that’s what it’s all about! So bring them to Cranbrook Institute of Science for a day of exploring and learning about astronomy, geology, physics, anthropology and more!


The bell curve of dinosaur knowledge peaks in childhood and parenthood. Consequently, when you enter Cranbrook Institute of Science and are welcomed by a full-sized Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, you know it’s going to be a successful visit. In addition to the show stopping dino, the main floor exhibit has life-like models of birds and animals that quickly captured the attention of my toddler.


The Institute of Science has a balanced combination of things you can look at and things you can touch, making it a fun experience for both kids and parents.


You can also sit back, relax and look up at the stars during the planetarium programs. Special shows include Dinosaurs at Dusk and Big Bird’s Adventure.


What You Need To Know:

Start Making Plans

  • Ages: All ages! You’re never too young to appreciate science – especially dinosaurs
  • Cost: General admission – Adults ($13); Youth ages 2-12 ($9.50) and children 2 and under free. Half off admission Friday and Saturday evening between 5-10pm. Additional costs for exploreLAB, Acheson Planetarium and changing exhibits.
  • Parking: Free parking garage
  • Time: Plan to be there for at least an hour


Free First Friday

Visit Cranbrook Friday after 5pm and get free admission to the museum!


Doom of the Dinosaurs Exhibit

Special Exhibit: February 8 – September 1
Learn about the five mass extinctions that have happened on earth and decide if we’re in the midst of a sixth at Cranbrook’s latest visiting exhibit – Doom of the Dinosaurs.


In addition to educational displays, visitors can experience impressive fossil casts of the last known dinosaurs to roam Earth, including Tyrannosaurus rex and Edmontosaurus. The dinosaur scene includes a dozen dinosaur casts that will leave your littles in awe.


The exhibit is open during museum hours and costs an additional $6-8 to view. Throughout the exhibit’s six month stay, there will also be special events at the museum to enhance visitors understanding of the past and our future.


SUMMER GIVEAWAY: Family 4-Pack to Cranbrook Institute of Science

Enter to win 4 tickets to Cranbrook Institute of Science AND the limited run Doom of the Dinosaurs exhibition.


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