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3 Easy Ways To Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten

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A new school year may seem like ages away but it’ll be here before you know it and the time to register your little one for kindergarten is now. It’s a good idea to contact local schools to ask questions, tour buildings and meet staff as you prepare for a new stage of parenthood. As you start to plan for your child’s next step, it’s important to consider if it’s one their ready to make.


Here are are 3 lists of skills (social, academic, independence) most incoming kindergarten-age children demonstrate most of the time and ways you can help develop the skills.



  • Can tell an adult his/her name.
  • Can interact with peers appropriately (Be able to talk, play nicely with and share.).
  • Can verbalize needs and feeling appropriately.
  • Can follow simple 2-3 step directions.


Ways To Prepare

  • Step back while your child plays on the playground and give him/her a chance to make friends on their own.
  • Make regular visits to the library and encourage your child to speak to the librarian independently to ask for a computer card or book. Let them get a library card and check out the books themselves.
  • When you get snacks at a local play cafe, give your child the money and let them order at the counter while you watch from the table.



  • Can identify some capital and lowercase letters.
  • Can provide some sounds for letters of the alphabet.
  • Can count up to 20.
  • Can identify some numbers 0-10.
  • Can write his/her name.
  • Can identify colors.
  • Can identify some shapes.
  • Can write his/her name.
  • Is excited to learn new things.


Ways To Prepare

  • Get a membership to a local museum and make it a regular destination to learn new things.
  • Spend time outside (your backyard or a nature trail) and count the animals you see, write with chalk, and count your steps.



  • Can use the bathroom independently (including wiping, washing hands, and making sure clothes are on correctly before opening the door.).
  • Can care for their own belongings.
  • Can put on/off coat and backpack independently.
  • Can put on their own shoes.
  • Can clean up after themselves.
  • Can eat independently and open containers and packages for lunch and snacks.


Ways To Prepare

  • Give your child a 15 warning before you’re ready to start leaving the house and train them to get their things together before getting out the door.
  • Plan picnics – indoor or outdoor – with simple foods that they can eat without your assistance.

Content provided by West Bloomfield School District

West Bloomfield’s priority is the academic achievement of all students as we educate them to be critical thinkers, entrepreneurial problem solvers, and communicators that are respectful of the diversity in West Bloomfield. I believe we have a great tradition of excellence that sets us apart from others in the way that we seek to meet the needs of each child, by the way that we celebrate our diversity and vehemently work to insure inclusivity.  Our staff represents a tradition of excellence in teaching and service to children and families that has consistently garnered us honors and high ratings that continue to make a standard to be matched by others and a premier choice for families. This article was composed with the assistance of Carol Wild, kindergarten teacher at Gretchko Elementary




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