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FREE Wizard of Oz Inspired Garden In Holland

We love visiting public gardens and the new Wizard of Oz garden in Holland’s Centennial Park is inspiring a road trip.


The Holland Oz Project features a massive floral book cover, life-size character sculptures and a yellow brick road of course! The display is located inside the 5.6 acre Centennial Park in downtown Holland. Grab a bite to eat at a local downtown restaurant and have a picnic in the beautiful public greenspace. The park is open daily from 6am to 11pm.

There’s lots to do in Holland, spend the day or even a night on the state’s West side.


Visit the Big Red Lighthouse (and Lake Michigan)

Stop by the picturesque red lighthouse by the Holland Channel and watch the sunset on Lake Michigan from the beach at Holland State Park.


Find More Flowers at Windmill Island Gardens

A beautiful oasis on the edge of downtown Holland, Windmill Island Gardens features an original working Dutch windmill, canals, children’s garden and playground. Over 100,000 tulips bloom in spring but you can find annual plants and flowers in the summer. Admission is only $5!


Get a Pirate Treat

Find a sweet summer treat at Captain Sundae, there are two locations in Holland and the Douglas Avenue location has putt-putt golf.


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