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Easy & Fun Ways To Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday looks different this year (in some ways, Tom Brady is still there).  Instead of gathering at a bar or a big party with friends, it’s a bit more low-key at home with the kids. That doesn’t mean you have to forego a celebration. Make a little magic at home for the kids with some simple decor, games and Hungry Howie’s pizza



In case you missed it, the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl 55.Their colors are conveniently similar red/gold and red/orange and readily available at any store because it’s also popular for Valentine’s Day. Pick up some football plates and blow up some red, orange and gold balloons (that bring their own entertainment) for a festive look around the house.


Pizza Party

Keep it simple and delicious with Hungry Howie’s pizza. You can’t go wrong with the Mix and Match for $5.99 each deal that gives you a choice between pizza, Howie Bread, salad, subs and a GIANT Howie Cookie! Need some game time munchies? Throw together some of your favorite foods (popcorn, Chex, goldfish, red M&Ms, etc) for a red, gold and orange treat.



Wear the kids out before the game starts, run around the yard and toss a football a football around – the forecast says it’ll be 46 degrees! Let the kids keep playing football during the game with easy to make origami footballs you can flick through popsicle stick or Lego created posts. Motivate the kids to sit down and watch the game – and commercials – with bingo. Print off these Super Bowl Bingo sheets, hand out stickers and have candy on hand for winners. Halftime should come up right at bedtime so plan for a dance party right before bed!



Easy delicious meal, fun family time and a good game – hopefully we all end the night feeling like winners. But if your littles need extra incentive, head to the Dollar Store and create your own Lombardi trophy to hand out before bedtime – it only costs $2.




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