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Halloween Giveaway: $50 VISA Gift Card


I’ll admit it, I don’t love Halloween BUT I love my boys and the magic of the holiday has won me over this year. Since Lucas has us play the Ninja Turtles every day, I decided we may as well dress-up as them too! If you want to get in on the fun and put a smile on your kids faces – check out these adult costume ideas and family costume inspiration.


Let us help you get the perfect Halloween costume for your litte, enter to win a $50 VISA gift card from LittleGuide Detroit!

One-Click with Amazon

Here are some accessories you can pair with what you have at home.


Simple DIY

Get out the colored paper and glue for a quick craft.


Disney Bound 

Use the clothes in your closet and create an outfit inspired by your favorite Disney characters.


Family Costume Inspiration

Have fun together and stand out in the trick-or-treat crowds with a family costume. From sweet and simple to grade A fun, here are our favorite family costume ideas.


Make the most of your costumes – find a Halloween Event near you!


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