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Daily Inspiration Guide for Those Home with Kids: Legos


Each day, join LittleGuide on a themed adventure full of activities, crafts, nature and games that will help you and your littles have fun at home. We love LEGOs – they’re fun, educational and we’ve got plenty of them in our house! P.S. we’re giving some away if you want more!


8:00 AM – Spell out a morning message with Legos and let them play with them during breakfast.

9:00 AM –  Sign up for a FREE quarterly LEGO magazine subscription and download the latest issue to check out the comics, activities, and games.

10:00 AM – Hop on YouTube and learn to draw Lego Batman with Art for Kids Hub.

11:00 AM – Set up a LEGO hunt in the backyard with their character toys and send them on an epic adventure in the backyard.

12:00 PM – Let the kids help in make LEGO rice krispie treats

1:00 PM – Quiet Time – Learn to code with LEGO’s official Bits and Bricks app.

2:00 PM – Watch the Lego Movie or binge watch Ninjago or the the MARVEL Lego Adventures on Netflix.

4:00 PM – Make your own stop motion LEGO movie – this can be done with your phone.

5:00 PM – Build your own dinner – taco bar!

6: 00 PM – Join the LEGOLAND Discovery Center bricktastic challenge and build the project of the day.

7:00 PM – ‘Everything Is Awesome!’ Remind your kids about all the good things they’ve done, can do and will be able to do with positive affirmations before bed.

8:00 PM – Bedtime! You survived.


We know that times are hard and resources can be scarce. Please note that these activities are simply meant to be a guide to help you fill the day and inspire ideas that fit your family. Try all of the activities, just a couple, or simply watch a movie and cuddle on couch – whatever makes your family feel happy and safe during times of uncertainty is the best thing to do.


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