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Do you need ideas for activities to do with kids? Tried and true suggestions that real parents actually do? Here they are! We’re asking families to share their favorites, to help you find yours.


Are you following @farmfieldtable on Instagram? Local dad Matt is the owner and founder of Farm Field Table – which serves up the best farm-fresh meats at two convenient locations in Ferndale and Grosse Pointe. Best of all you can shop online and have all their delicious + high-quality products delivered straight to your front door. 


Meet Matt

My name is Matt Romine and I am thrilled to be the father of Colton, 5, and another baby boy in late November. Being a dad has been the most incredible journey for me and has really put into perspective the importance of slowing down and enjoying every moment. Colton was the catalyst that pushed me to leave the restaurant world and open @farmfieldtable and I’m so happy that I did. I’ve been able to become deeply involved with local agriculture as well as have the time to spend nights, weekends and holidays with my family. 


Favorite Ways To Spend Family Time:

  • Visiting museums of all types
  • Cooking and eating together
  • Walking the woods at our farm or mushroom hunting


Favorite Places To Go:


Favorite Bedtime Stories:


Favorite Family Friendly Restaurants:



Best Park/Playground: Starr Jaycee Park (Royal Oak)

Colton and I have a tendency to visit many different parks, however, I am a big fan of Starr Jaycee Park in Royal Oak. For me, the abundance of mature trees is beautiful, but for Colton, there is a playground for bigger kids as well as a playground for smaller kids so he can run between each depending on how he’s feeling. There is also disc golf, train rides, Shakespeare Royal oak, and more.


Best Family-Friendly Annual Event: Eastern Michigan State Fair (Imlay City)

The Eastern Michigan State Fair is our favorite!!!


Your Dad Must-Have: My Humor (and a good backpack for when the kids are still little)

When Colton was younger, my must-have would have been a backpack diaper bag with a stash of toys like play dough, crayons, coloring books, etc. Something to keep Colton occupied at a moment’s notice. After 3 years old, my go-to dad must-have is humor. If you watched Colton and I interact, you’d see us laughing constantly in almost any situation. It’s been really fun to develop such a goofy relationship with him.


Best Fall Destination or Event: Miller’s Big Red Apple Orchard (Washington) 

The Big Red Apple Orchard and Wolcott Mill Farm Center – right around the corner, pumpkin patch, petting zoo, play structures, etc.


“Pat Yourself on the Back” Accomplishment: Teaching Important Values to My Son

One thing that I’m very proud of has been teaching Colton that everything he does is his choice, good or bad. We clearly outline the outcomes of the choices he could make and he gets to make a decision on what he will do. It’s been very rewarding and eye-opening to watch him process which path to take. Sometimes he even puts himself in time out to avoid picking up toys lol. As a parent, It’s easy to believe that we should dictate everything a kid does and that they should always listen and do as we say, but ultimately, it’s our job to teach our kids how to make good choices, not simple obedience.

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About Ashley Hubbbard-Porter

Ashley Porter is a Chicago native who now calls Birmingham home. Ashley and her husband Mike and son Jake love attending local festivals, exploring Detroit’s diverse food scene, and venturing outside of Metro Detroit to enjoy the natural beauty of Michigan. With a background in Early Childhood Education, Ashley loves connecting with and supporting families in her community, which is why she is so excited to be a part of LittleGuide Detroit.


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