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Bright Loritos’ Offers Foreign Language Classes For Kids

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If you’re looking for a place to send your littles to learn a new language, check out Bright Loritos. With 3 locations and multiple language lessons to chose from, it’s exactly what you need.


Speaking more than one language is a huge advantage in today’s global society. Multi-lingual speakers have more job opportunities, sharper cognitive functioning skills, and enhanced cross cultural communication skills. It’s no wonder why more than half of the world’s population speaks at least two languages.


Bright Loritos is a family-run business that recognizes the importance of multilingualism and strives to help children learn languages while they are in what linguists call the “critical period.” The critical period is when humans are the most capable of language learning, from birth to around 10 years old. The Bright Loritos curriculum takes a natural approach to language instruction, using games, music, and stories to help kids learn a language with the support of passionate native speakers.


What We Offer

Bright Loritos offers in-person and online language courses in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Arabic. Classes are taught by native speakers who are committed to helping children learn the language in a fun and natural setting. In-person group classes are available for students ages 1 to 12 at their metro Detroit locations in Novi, Rochester, and Troy. Bright Loritos also offers virtual private and group classes for students ages 3 to 14.


Small class sizes allow instructors to provide plenty of individual support in addition to group activities that help children practice using the target language with each other. Classes are led by qualified language experts who understand the best practices when it comes to language learning. At Bright Loritos, you’ll find immersive language lessons for all levels with flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy schedule.


Methodology that Works

The Bright Loritos teaching methodology is designed based off research by world language experts. We know that children learn their first language through immersion so the program is structured to provide a similar environment for children to learn a second language just as naturally. Comprehensible input and immersion are important aspects of language learning but in order for learning to be most effective, kids must be engaged in the lessons. That’s why the program uses games, music, and storytelling to get kids excited about using the target language.


Students at Bright Loritos study a curriculum that aligns with the World Readiness Standards from the American Council on the Teaching of World Languages. The curriculum is based on learning units that are strategically sequenced to promote effective language learning. Each unit focuses on a specific language learning objective that build communication and vocabulary skills through game-based activities, Total Physical Response (TPR) routines, and multicultural perspectives.


When kids are exposed to memorable experiences in an immersive learning environment, they start to acquire the language without feeling like they are studying. Each lesson centers around creating a natural language setting in addition to parroting of high-frequency vocabulary words and phrases. This communicative teaching approach is an alternative to the grammar-based language learning approach that was popular in the 20th century. Today, language experts understand that learning doesn’t happen in a grammar textbook, it happens when students are immersed in the language and have ample opportunities to practice using the language in meaningful ways.


Get Started with Bright Loritos

Bright Loritos is on a mission to provide fun and engaging language lessons to children around the world. Children who learn with Bright Loritos are given the opportunity to enhance their cognitive skills, develop a broader world perspective, and boost their creativity. Most importantly, they are going to have fun while doing so! The expert instructors are committed to providing the best quality language lessons based on established research in the field of language teaching. Find a location near you and try your first lesson for FREE!

  • Novi // 24293 Novi Rd, Novi, MI 48375
  • Rochester // 543 N Main St Suite 412, Rochester, MI 48307
  • Troy // 2605 Crooks Rd, Troy, MI 48084


Try your first Bright Loritos lesson for FREE! Sign up here to check it out.


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