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Bedtime Tips For Daylight Savings With Kids

Raise your hand if you’re excited for Fall Back on Sunday? No takers? Me either.


Fall is filled with wonderful activities! And pre-kids, “falling back” was another exciting event filled with the anticipation of an extra hour of sleep—for free! But as many parents now experience, “falling back” often means early morning wakings and potentially crabby kiddos. Don’t worry though—I’ve got you covered! Here are my best tips for navigating the time change with your little ones!


For starters, what do we do about the time change itself? Well, there are 3 options:

  • Make the Change Early! Starting on Thursday (or Friday), pull naps and bedtime 30 minutes earlier. Then, on Sunday, go with the clock!
  • Start the change on Sunday! On Sunday, pull naps and bedtime 30 minutes earlier for 3 days and then get back to regular times!
  • Do nothing! On Sunday, get up and roll with the new times!


Should I do anything else depending on my child’s age? Great question!

  •  If your baby is under 6 months or if you are still using awake times to dictate their daytime schedule, just stick with your usual awake times throughout the day. You may want to allow naps to be a little longer or stretch those awake times just a smidge over the course of the week to get to the new time.
  • For our older babies and toddlers who have clock naps, follow the tips outlined above to move naps and bedtime earlier. Remember, this age group thrives on consistency! So be patient with them as they adjust and stay consistent!



Remember! It can take about a week for our bodies (this includes you moms & dads!) to adjust to the time change! So, be flexible and know that after about a week (with consistency), everyone should be settled into the new time!


Still have questions? Let’s chat! I’d love to support you and your family on your journey towards restful & restorative sleep for everyone! You can learn more about me and how to set up an appointment here.


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