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5 Ways to Prepare for Kindergarten

Mother In Bedroom Helping Son To Pack Bag Ready For School

A new school year may seem like ages away but it’ll be here before you know it and the time to register your little one for kindergarten is now. It’s also a good idea to start planting the seeds of a new lifestyle in advance so no one is overwhelmed by the transition from home/daycare to full-time school.


The thought of sending your little one to “big kid school” brings mixed emotions. Feelings of anxiety, nervousness and worry are all normal and you are not alone, many parents feel the same way. Here are a few tips to help you prepare before school begins and set your mind at ease before the BIG DAY!


Set Up A Schedule

Going to Kindergarten is most likely going to be a much longer, more structured day filled with academics, social and emotional learning and more. First, to help your child and yourself with the early mornings ahead, start working on a consistent bedtime and wake up schedule. Prepare everything you’ll need in the morning the evening before (layout clothing, pack lunches, pack snacks, etc…). When it comes to structure, children thrive when there is consistency, know what to expect and actually want it believe it or not.


Talk About Food

We turn to food for comfort for a reason. Food provides security so talk to your child about where their snacks will be located (within his/her backpack) and confirm what he/she will be doing for lunch (ordering at school or bringing a lunch from home). Remind your child where his/her lunch box is located within their backpack so you know they are ready for lunchtime (a very important thing you don’t want to be worrying about). Take time to write a small note and place it in your child’s lunchbox to let them know your thinking about them. Most Kindergarten teachers assist students with opening their lunchboxes and are happy to read a love note from Mom & Dad!


Plan For Pick-Up

Make sure you have talked ahead of time with your child about his/her dismissal routine. Many students are unaware of how they are getting home from school and if you consistently remind them of how they are getting home, that will put their mind at ease and yours. Another helpful tip is to write out your child’s first and last name and how he/she is getting home each day of the week on a colorful index card and create a tag to go on his/her backpack. You can laminate the tag so it will last for the first several weeks. Your child’s teacher will thank you and you will have peace of mind that your child is getting home safely should another staff member in addition to the classroom teacher in the school be helping at dismissal time. It’s better to be over-prepared!


Meet Your Teacher

Most schools have a “Meet & Greet” for incoming Kindergarten students, but if yours does not find a time to contact your child’s teacher ahead of time (email, contact the school, Class Facebook Page, Class website, etc…) and plan a time to talk to your child’s teacher if you have questions. Most Kindergarten teachers are willing to do whatever it takes to help put your child and you at ease by answering any questions you may have. When the first day arrives or within the first week, make sure to put any supplies you are donating in a bag for easy carrying. Remember to bring a quiet time blanket and a small comforting stuffed animal (if permitted) for the first day as well.


Visit The School District’s Website

Lastly, remember to browse your school district’s website/school to become familiar with all of the information available to you. You will find that many of the questions you have can be answered by referring to the district website.


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