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5 Podcasts for the Family to Enjoy

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Gathering around radio for evening entertainment can sound antiquated but the truth is there are a lot of great podcast out there for families to enjoy together.


Screen time challenges, bad lyrics in music and bad news on NPR can be frustrating. Podcasts offer a great alternative that educates, stimulates and entertains kids of all ages in a positive way. In our fast paced society, listening to a story helps kids focus. It also provides families with a fun shared experience and new ideas to talk about. So whether you’re on the road or at home, here are some fun podcasts to check out.


GET INSPIREDDream Big  – 7-year-old Eva Karpman and her mom interview celebs, award winners, and experts in a range of fields each week, with a hope of encouraging young people to find their passion and follow their dreams.


GET TO BEDPeace Out – Short stories that help children calm down and relax by guiding them through visualization and breathing exercises.


GET CREATIVE What If World –  “What if Legos were alive?” and “What if sharks had legs?,” this series takes ridiculous “what if” questions submitted by young listeners and turns them into a new story


GET CURIOUSTumble – Often compared to a kid-friendly Radiolab, this podcast not only addresses fascinating topics but also tries to foster a love of science itself by interviewing scientists about their process and discoveries.


GET BRAINYThe Past and the Curious – Another kid friendly version of an adult favorite, this podcast shares little-known stories from history (ala Drunk History) with an emphasis on fun and humor – there’s usually a silly catchy song at the end too.



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