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5 Fun Ways to Make the Tooth Fairy Visit Magical


Family adventures and birthday parties aren’t the only milestones for kids. Visits from the tooth fairy are a big deal and if you need ideas for how to make the occasion extra special we teamed up with Delta Dental to give you some ideas.


How To Handle A Loose Tooth

Losing a tooth can be an exciting but scary time in a child’s life. Children start losing teeth around age 6, with the last ones falling out by age 13, and it’s important that parents feel prepared when the first milestone arrives.


If you notice a loose baby tooth, hold the tooth firmly with a piece of gauze or tissue and give it a quick twist. If it doesn’t come out, wait a few days until it becomes looser and try again. It’s OK to let your child wiggle the loose tooth gently to help, but if there’s pain or if the tooth hasn’t fallen out after a few days, you may want to reach out to your dentist.


Minimal bleeding after losing a tooth is normal—just give your child water to rinse with. The mouth will heal on its own, but you can also hold a clean piece of gauze to the area to help.


How To Prepare For The Tooth Fairy

On the big night you can cuddle up on the couch and watch Tooth Fairy (The Rock) or Tooth Fairy 2 (Larry The Cable Guy), read a bedtime story and brush the remaining teeth before bed.


There’s nothing wrong with placing the tooth under the pillow they have but if you want to something special (and perhaps make it a little easier for you to find at night), here are some cute finds from Etsy!




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