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4 Ways To Celebrate Memorial Day At Home


Memorial Day is Monday, May 31st. Enjoy the weekend and honor those who served our country by celebrating America and the time we have with our family.


Pull Out The Red, White & Blue

Put on patriotic colors and dress your house up too! Create sidewalk art for your neighbors, paint your glass door or hang decorations in your window ( try these Popsicle star streamers).


Decoration Day

Memorial Day honors the lives of those who died in combat for our country (Veterans Day  is for those who served in the military and Armed Forces Day is for active duty military). After the Civil War, Americans would decorate soldiers graves with flowers and flags for ‘Decoration Day’. Carry on the tradition and bring flowers and a flag to a local war memorial (click here to find one near you). Help your kids understand the holiday with this 2 minute video from PBS Kids.


Put On A Neighborhood Parade

Traditional parades have been cancelled but you can decorate your bikes and ride through your neighborhood. If you miss the school bands and music, stream this Patriotic Playlist.


Family BBQ

Memorial Weekend is a time to celebrate the time we have together. Start up the grill and get the party started. Here are a few recipes to try.


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