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4 Ways To Celebrate Comic Book Day


FREE Comic Book Day is the normally the first Saturday of the month. This year it has been postponed but we’re still ready to celebrate our favorite comic book characters. Here are 4 activities to try as a family on Comic Book Day (Saturday, May 2nd). 


Support a local Comic Bookstore

Instead of getting free comic books from our favorite local stores, this year we’ll buy some to support local businesses that have been hard hit by quarantine. Here is a list of stores are doing online orders and curbside pick-up.


Channel your favorite superhero

Put on your cape, mask and costume and help some humans! Deliver a treat to a friend, write thank you notes to those on the front lines of the crisis, bring chaulk to the park and write inspiring messages to cheer up your neighbors. 


Make a comic strip as a family

Put on your creative caps and think of a funny story to tell in comic style. You can write and draw out a comic (find great tips here and here) or use family pictures and add funny commentary with the Strip Designer app.


Cuddle up for movie night

Watch your favorite comic book heroes come to life in a live-action movie (or animated – Into The Spiderverse is a personal family favorite). There are plenty of superhero movies to chose from and they all guarantee a good time.



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