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10 Things To Do With Kids at the DIA

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The Detroit Institute of Arts is a world renown museum located in the heart of Detroit along Woodward Avenue. Explore the galleries with the stroller or walking hand-in-hand as you see the world at different points in time from the eyes of an artist. Admission to the DIA is FREE for residents of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.


Not only can you see art at the DIA, you can make it too! The museum offers free Drop-In Workshops in the Art-Marking Studio and Drawing in the Galleries most weekends. Add that to the list of 10 Things To Do at the DIA!


1) Pet the donkey, the only work of art in the museum you can touch!

Suggested ages: All

Location: Level 1, Prentis Court


2) Play Eye Spy to find mystery object in the galleries
Suggested ages: 4-8
Location: Throughout the museum


3) Climb the spiral staircase like kids have done since 1927
Suggested ages: All
Location: Level 1, near Kresge Court & Level 2, European Medieval Galelry


4) See a life-sized video of African masks in action – the way they were meant to be seen
Suggested ages: All
Location: Level 1, African Galleries


5) Slow down and enjoy a Japanese tea ceremony
Suggested ages: 6+
Location: Level 1, Japan Gallery


6) Light up the symbols on a chocolate jar from the ancient civilization of Maya
Suggested ages: 8+
Location: Level 1, Native American Galleries


7 ) Strike a pose inspired by art and tag @diadetroit in the picture
Suggested ages: All
Location: Throughout the museum


8) Sport the tiny red car in Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry murals
Suggested ages: All
Location: Rivera Court, south wall center


9) Discover legendary Afrian Americans in Hale Woodruff’s painting The Art of the Negro
Suggested ages: 8+
Location: Level 2, African American Galleries


10) Play and picnic in the sculpture garden
Suggested ages: All
Location: At intersection of Kibry Street and John R, east side of street


Things To Know

  • How long will it take to do everything?
    It’s impossible to see and do everything at the DIA in one day. Plan on spending 20 to 30 minute looking at art during your visit. Come back often so your child becomes comfortable at the DIA! General admission is FREE for residents of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.
  • Where can we eat?
    Cafe DIA and Kresge Court offer food selections daily. In the warmer months, bring a picnic and eat on the museum grounds.
  • Is there a private space to breastfeed, change diapers, or reset? 
    All visitor swith young children are welcome to sue the Mother’s Room near the Farnsworth Street entrance on the first level. It’s a small, quiet space with a changing table and comfy chair.


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