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10 Cheap + Easy Ways to Make a Backyard Splash Pad

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Summer is a special time of year. Sunny days, long nights, carefree fun for kids and more freedom to relax as parents. We don’t yet know what summer 2020 will look like. Whether we’ll be able to carry on with familiar traditions or stay closer to home. As we wait to see what’s next, let’s have fun planning for our favorite season.

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Splash pads are my personal favorite. I can breathe easier knowing there are fewer drowning risks for my kids and when the weather is hot it’s a great way to cool down but also dry off quickly. Another perk is that they’re usually FREE and you can’t beat that. Here’s a guide to Metro Detroit Splash Pads and they usually open on Memorial Day weekend, although most openings have been postponed to June.


If you’re more comfortably staying close to home this year, here are some sprinkler/splash pads to order for your backyard.



If you’re feeling crafty, here’s a creative way to make your work splash park with water noodles, PVC pipes and a hose.




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